Emilia Productions is based in Zurich and was established in 2013 by Judith Lichtneckert. Having shared a number of adventurous projects, Liliane Ott joins Emilia Productions in 2018. Our passion for film making comprises of creative documentaries, serials and fiction films for an international market. Our special focus lies on projects committed to cultural and social issues - a critical eye that doesn't deny the odd twinkle...

Judith Lichtneckert studied Media Science, Sociology and English Literature & Linguistics at the University of Basel, where she also attended various interdisciplinary seminars on video/film production. Concurrently she worked as a computer programmer, played bass in a rockband and ran a booking agency for European tours. In 2001 she got a degree as a multi media master and entered the film world by joining point de vue audiovisual productions in Basel focusing on documentaries.

In 2005 she also entered the realm of fiction films. Since then she has been working on feature films, tv movies and commercials as a freelance assistant director, production manager and producer. 
Over the years she attended a great number of FOCAL seminars and MEDIA training programs on various topics concerning film production, directing documentaries and scriptwriting. In 2018 she also joined the Zurich based Snakefilm GmbH as a producer and co-owner.


2020 in production: «Die schwarze Spinne» feature mystery drama.
D: Markus Fischer. P: Snakefilm in coproduction with Laokoon Film Budapest and SRF / Teleclub/PAMY Mediaproductions. - Producer
«Der Bestatter – 7th Season» TV Serial (6 episodes). D: Barbara Kulcsar, Chris Niemeyer. P: Snakefilm / SRF. - Production Manager
 «Der Bestatter – 6th Season» TV Serial (6 episodes). D: Katalin Gödrös, This Lüscher. P: Snakefilm / SRF. - Production Manager
 «Der Bestatter – 5th Season» TV Serial (6 episodes). D: Katalin Gödrös, Tom Gerber. P: Snakefilm / SRF. - Production Manager
2016: «Reset - Restart» Documentary (cinema). 1st feature as director. P: Unico Film GmbH & Emilia Productions GmbH.
2016: «A1 – Ein Streifen Schweizer Strasse» TV Doc 52 min. D: Tobi & Mike Müller.
P: Jurasüdfuss GmbH / SRF – Producer 
2015 «Der Polder» Fiction (cinema). D: Samuel Schwarz & Julian M. Grünthal P: Dschoint Ventschr Filmproduktion / kamm(m)acher GmbH / Niama Film / SRF / SWR. - Producer.
2015 «Der Bestatter – 4th Season» TV Serial (6 episodes). D: Chris Niemeyer, Katalin Gödrös, Tom Gerber. P: Snakefilm / SRF. - Production Manager
2014 «Der Verdacht» Fiction (TV). D: Sabine Boss. P: Dschoint Ventschr Filmproduktion / SRF. -Production Manager.
2014 «Der Bestatter – 3rd Season» TV Serial (6 episodes). D: Chris Niemeyer, Markus Welter. P: Snakefilm / SRF. - Production Manager.
2013 «Der Bestatter – 2nd Season» TV Serial (6 episodes). D: Christian von Castelberg, Chris Niemeyer, Markus Welter. P: Snakefilm / SRF. - Production Manager.
2013 «Bitter Lemons» Documentray (cinema). D: Adnan Hadzi, Lennaart van Oldenburg. P: h&o films – Production Manager.
2012 «Rosie» Fiction (cinema). D: Marcel Gisler. P: Cobra Film – 1st AD.
2011 «Fritz Hauser_Klangwerker» Documentary (TV). D: Erich Busslinger. P: point de vue/SRF/3Sat - Producer.
2011 «Hier & Jetzt» Fiction (cinema). D: Katrin Barben. P: Lomotion AG – 1st AD.
2010 «Mary & Johnny» Fiction (cinema). D: Samuel Schwarz, Julian M. Grünthal. P: kamm(m)acher gmbh - Producer, Production Manager, 1st AD.
2009 «Hunkeler und der Fall Livius» Fiction (TV). D: Stefan Jäger. P: snakefilm/SRF/Arte - Production Manager.
2008 «Manipulation» Fiction (cinema). D: Pascal Verdosci. P: Sunvision - 1st AD.

Liliane Ott was born in 1983 in Zurich, where she spent the next 16 years. In 1999 she moved to Auckland, New Zealand, to study at a film school. In January 2001 Ott began her studies at the UNITEC School of Performing and Screen Arts in Directing & Writing for Film and Theatre with an exceptional permit (as she had not yet reached the minimum age of 21 for admission). During her studies she realised 6 plays and 5 short films which were shown at festivals in Australia and New Zealand.

Since her return to Zurich in 2004, she worked as a production assistant at "Das Kollektiv für audiovisuelle Werke GmbH". During this time she wrote and realised some experimental short films and produced the feature film "Soundless Wind Chime", which was shown in 2009 at the Berlinale in the Forum Program.

Since then, Ott has increasingly concentrated on her own projects: In autumn 2010 she was able to celebrate the premiere of her play "BARX*" at the Rote Fabrik. In February 2012 she took part in the Berlinale Talent Campus and realised her short film "In kleinen Dosen" in 2013. In 2014 she directed "DU/MMES HUHN", a monologue written by Stephan Teuwissen. She showed this monologue in Zurich and Schaffhausen, among other places.

In the past few years Liliane Ott has been writing her first feature film "IMMER WEITER" and co-produced "Stoma", a feature film by Kit Hung, co-produced with Xtreme Pictures Ltd, Hong Kong and Decoy Collective Bern which is to be released in 2019.

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