A Film by Judith Lichtneckert

In 1976 a three year boy, Bae Suk, along with other South Korean children, landed at Zurich Airport on a no return flight from Seoul. Bae Suk settles with a foster family near Basel and receives a new name, Mischa.

Mischa integrates successfully into his new surroundings, but often feels like a stranger. For the next three decades Mischa suppresses all thoughts about his adoption and Korean origin. However at 35 Mischa is gripped with a strong curiosity and desire to fill in the missing gaps of his lost Korean identity. He realizes that there is a lot to find out. With his parents name printed on his adoption papers and the help of the adoption agency he discovers he has a sister who already tried to contact him in 1992.

Mischa is now completely intrigued and determined to follow these clues to his past. He quits his job and flat and emigrates to South Korea.

A journey into the unknown begins.


Cinematography/Sound: Andreas Birkle, Philip Caviezel, Daniel Casparis, Benjamin Dobo Editing: Daniel Casparis, Annette Brütsch Music: Martin Skalsky, Christian Schlumpf, Michael Duss Sound Design/Sound Mix: Daniel Hobi Digital Postproduction: Rolf Lang, Redsmoke AG Graphic Design: Jane Gebel/Nora Cista, Tarzan + Jane Produced: by Nico Gutmann, Unico Films Gmbh/Judith Lichtneckert, Emilia Productions Gmbh

© 2015 unico film gmbh & Emilia Productions GmbH Duration: 88 min. Screening Format: DCP / 5.1 Languages: Swiss German dialect, German, English, Korean Subtitles: English, German

Cinema release 8.12.2016
Distributor Switzerlane: Cineworx
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